[Anaerobic exercise] Pullover: Exercise to increase muscle flexibility and strength

I would like to introduce an exercise called ‘pullover’ to those who are interested in health or physical training. This exercise works multiple muscle groups simultaneously, including the chest, back, and triceps, and is excellent for increasing muscle flexibility and strength. In this article, we will look at the definition and procedure of a pullover, as well as its pros and cons.

Pullover definition and procedure

A pullover is an exercise performed using a barbell, dumbbells, or cable machine. Below is how to perform a basic pullover:

1. Starting position: Lie horizontally on a flat bench. Hold the barbell with both hands and keep your wrists straight.
2. Lowering: Slowly lower the barbell over your head.
3. Raise: Slowly raise the barbell to its original position.

How many minutes of pullover exercise is appropriate?

Sets and reps are more important than time. Generally, for beginners, we recommend 3-5 sets of 8-12 reps per set.

pullover tips

Wrist position: Wrists should remain straight.
Maintain muscle tension: You should move slowly, maintaining muscle tension throughout the movement.
Breathing: Inhale when lowering, exhale when raising.
If you do pullovers consistently, you may see the following changes in your body:
Strengthens upper body muscles: Pullovers work multiple muscle groups simultaneously, including chest, back, and triceps. Doing this exercise consistently will strengthen your upper body muscles.
Improves muscle flexibility: Pullovers help improve muscle flexibility.

Pullover Pros and Cons


-Training various muscle groups: This is an effective exercise because it works various muscle groups simultaneously, such as chest, back, and triceps.
-Improved muscle flexibility: This exercise requires you to move slowly in the process of lifting and lowering the weight, which also improves muscle flexibility.


-Technique required: Risk of injury if performed without correct technique.
-Equipment Required: You will need a barbell, dumbbell or appropriate machine.


The pullover is a very effective exercise in that it strengthens various upper body muscle groups simultaneously and additionally improves muscle flexibility. However, caution is required as there is a risk of injury if performed without proper form and technique.

Always keep in mind that exercise is a process of gradual change through consistent effort and time rather than making large changes all at once when it comes to improving physical strength!


My personal opinion is that I highly recommend the dumbbell pullover because it is an exercise that can be done easily at home. It is not burdensome when you first start exercising and it does not take up much space, so I started exercising with squats and dumbbells. What I recommend is watching TV. When you look at it, it’s worth it if you start with a small weight. Time flies. Start right now. If you don’t have dumbbells, you can exercise while holding a 1L water bottle in both hands. Dumbbells are also sold at supermarkets, so it is recommended to lift them and then buy them. Also, exercise. I don’t recommend anything with a slippery handle because your hands will sweat a lot while using it. Personally, I really recommend avoiding anything that smells like metal. Buying an octagon or hexagon shape is good because it doesn’t roll around on the ground. It’s also really important to do it consistently. Just try it for a month and you will see a real difference. The effect is really good. Also, when I tried it myself, it should be a bit lighter. If you buy a heavy one, you will get tired quickly, so I recommend purchasing about three types of dumbbells of appropriate weight.

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